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Nova4 Essentials

“Prevention is better than cure”, the wise man says. And “trust is good, but control is better” the German says. However, on a daily basis companies are touching wood with regards to the state of their IT network. Antivirus would be most peoples first answer to the problem. But with free antivirus solutions that clean as well as my 6 year old daughter clean her room ( …not very clean, my dear )the battle is far from won.

Nova Networks. present Nova4 : a range of security and monitoring products.

Nova4 Essentials is an intuitive range of security and monitoring products that take care of your most important security needs, together with offering valuable monitoring, system and asset information. The best part is, you get all this value, 24/7 per year for the same price as a two hour visit of an IT professional.

Nova4 Essentials offers a menu of:

  • – Managed Antivirus
  • – Patch Management
  • – Basic Hardware monitorring
  • – Managed Backups
  • – Reporting of all captured data

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