What is a Nova?: In Space, a Nova is the sudden brightening of a previously dormant star… This happens when two stars get sufficiently close to one another, until elements gets pulled from the one star onto the other.  The Nova causes a runaway fusion reaction between the two stars.

At Nova Networks we strive to bring a “sudden, bright“, and long lasting “fusion reaction” with our customers and partners as we work “close to one another“, to influence change and growth.

Nova Networks is an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) that offers sensible security and protection products and services, mainly around the Western Cape, but also to customers throughout South Africa.

At the head of Nova Networks is Gerrit van den Berg, an electronic engineer with experience in many disciplines, but with a passion for IT.  Gerrit believes in personal service and taking ownership of work.  His analytical and futuristic outlook on life lead to the carefully selected products that Nova Networks offers.

Nova4 is the brand name for the sensible and cost effective range of products and services that Nova Networks offer.  Call us for more information on the Nova4 products and services.

Why use Nova4 products?  In today’s world of Cloud and Remote Everything, the security and control of your Data is a serious matter.  The Nova4 product range was built developed and selected, after years of experience, to answer most of the requirements needed in order to protect your business, people and data from losses due to both security of hardware related incidents.

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