Nova Networks is an Technical Services Provider.  We offer technical services in IT, Electrical and Automation disciplines.  We operate from the Western Cape since 2010, but offer services to customers throughout South Africa.

Our goal is to offer sensible products with solid return on investment ROI to valued customers. 
– Wise and sensible solutions to curb energy consumption.  Monitoring, Load management, Bio Solutions
– Preventative IT solutions: backups, consultations, security, wireless solutions
– Automation of equipment switching and warning systems.

At the head of Nova Networks is Gerrit van den Berg, an B.Tech electronic engineer with experience in many disciplines, but with a passion for all things technical.  Gerrit believes in personal service and taking ownership of work.  His analytical and futuristic outlook on life lead to the carefully selected products that Nova Networks offer.

What is a Nova?

In Space, a Nova is the sudden brightening of a previously dormant star.  This phenomenon happens when two stars gets sufficiently close to one another, until elements from one star are pulled from one the other.  The Nova is then a runaway fusion reaction between the two stars, causing it to shine brighter than ever.

At Nova Networks we strive to bring a “sudden, bright“, and long lasting “fusion reaction” with our customers and partners as we work “close to one another“, to influence change and growth.

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