Nova4 Essentials
Essential Services
All computers need some basic functions. Antivirus, Updates, Monitoring and Backups. Without this your business is in danger of coming to a grinding halt.
The Essential Plan gives you the components towards a better managed IT infrastructure. See below some of the features:

  • Managed Antivirus
  • Basic 24/7 Monitoring
  • Patch management
  • Managed Backup
  • Asset reporting
  • Professional assistance

SMEs with their own IT staff can use this product to get better insight into their networks.
For as low as R24/PC/Month your work more efficient and reduce risks.

Nova4 Proactive
The Proactive Plan is built around industry leading IT automation technology. This translates into high availability of resources, planned and surgically executed maintenance, high level IT policy adherence, while keeping critical business functions working.

  • Managed Security solutions
  • Advanced 24/7 Monitoring
  • Advanced Management
  • Managed Backup
  • Automated fault resolution
  • Professional assistance

The automation that this plan offers frees the time of an IT professional to focus of the more specialized issues. This plan is available from as low as R160/PC/Month

Nova4 Custom IT
Cutom PLan
The Nova4 Custom plan is a compilation of security and high availability products, aimed at offering a more cost effective and efficient solution, built around your business needs.

” This is our
preferred plan

  • Custom Antivirus plans
  • Custom Policies
  • Managed Backup
  • Partner building solution
  • Pick the best for your business

This is our preferred plan. We work with you to define a solution to answer your needs, while keeping an eye on the costs.

Let us show your how these packages save you money

I Only Want Essentials

We would love to consult with you on a better way to manage IT

I Want a Proactive Plan

Come on! Let us build an IT solution for YOUR Business

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Nova4 Proxy and Firewall
Firewall and Proxy
A hugely underestimated threat on businesses is their internet and wireless connection. Losses can occur in lost time, stolen data, system damage due to viruses. These can make a high end IT system run like a old diesel model

  • Features included:
  • Catch Antivirus before they land
  • Improve and monitor staff efficiency
  • Protect your internet privacy
  • Cache and speed up internet browsing
  • Monitor and report staff internet usage

Everyone needs a Proxy. And for as low as R99 /month, this product is a no brainer
Reduce the risk to your network today with a Nova4 Proxy Server

I Want a Nova4 Proxy

Nova4 Website
Are you still using an old “ email domain, for your business? You need a website. If you like this one, let us build one for you too. Today, if new customers are going to find you, it will be online.

  • Feature include:
  • Pages: Home – About – Products – Contacts
  • Beautiful modern & reactive mobile themes
  • Product listing available
  • Emails and domain hosting
  • Social, Google Business and SEO aligned

To do business without a website is like walking instead of driving. From only R150/Month, anybody can afford it.
Do you like our site? Come let us build yours today

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Nova4 Connections
Nova4 Connect is a consulting service that work together with our proxy and firewall servers. We consult with our client to select the best forms of connectivity for their needs. We also consider redundancy and load balancing aspects.

  • Feature include:
  • ADSL
  • Wireless
  • Gateway fail-over
  • WiFi and LAN optimization
  • Local Networking

There is a whole lot to know about technology when running a business. We make it easier.
Feel free to call us for a consultation on your connection setup.

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